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Drinks Menu

We have a wide range of hot and cold drinks

Explore our bar menu of handpicked wines, beers, cider & cocktails. Many of them made in Dorset 


Hot Drinks
Barista coffee  £3.35
Tea  £2
Herbal Teas  £2.20
Hot chocolate £3.50
Posh hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows £4.75
Posh hot chocolate with a shot of brandy or whiskey £7
Proper Irish coffee finished with whipped cream £8.50
Homemade ginger cordial served hot or cold £3.50 or with a shot of whiskey £6.50



Cold drinks

Apple Juice £3

Kombucha £4

Fentmans Lime and jasmine £2.50

sparkling water £2

karma cola £2.20

Gingerella £2.20

lemony lemonade £2.20

Elderflower £2.20


cocktails from darkbear

Red Brick Spritz

Rum,Lime,Honey&Ginger Syrup, Ginger Ale £8.50

Pornstar Martini

Vodka, Vanilla, Fruit & Fizz £8.50

Espresso Martini

Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Espresso & Cinnamon Syrup £8.50


Rum,Mint Syrup, Lime & Soda £8.50

wines from selected grapes

House red or white

Catterato/Nero D'Avola £15 a bottle

S /£4  M/£5  L/£6

Posh red or white

Dominio D Fontana £19 a bottle  

S/£5  M/£6  L/£7

Sparkling White from Spain

Durello Spumante £19 a bottle

Cider from West Milton cider company

Dorset Twighlight

1/2pint  £2.50  Pint £4.50

Beer from Copper street  

Saxon Gold Ale £4.50

Shield Maiden  £4.50

871 Bitter £4.50

Wessex Knapp IPA £4.50

Cerne Abbas Brewery

Watercress Warrior £4.50


Birra Moretti/Zero £3

Camden Pale Ale £3.50

Camden Hells Lager £3.50

Bath Gem Amber Ale £4

Pink Gin and Tonic £5

Black Cow Vodka and Freshly Squeezed orange £6.50

Bloody Mary  £8.50

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