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About Us


The Red brick cafe

We are a small lively cafe with a fully licensed bar and riverside garden. Our garden is covered and many of our tables have heaters.

We are dedicated to serving delicious food, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. We serve a variety of food from big colourful salads to soups & curries, cakes and burritos - all cooked here by us.

Our menus contain options for those with special dietary requirements including vegan, gluten free and dairy free. And as we cook everything here we will always know what's in it!

Our food is great & we take full advantage of the wonderful produce grown on our doorstep.

We use a lot of organic ingredients but we are also mindful that many small producers are unable to fund their way through the hurdles that certification requires. All of our suppliers are authentic in what they do.

We serve delicious creative meals.

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